6 tankar kring ”Andra buddhister i Göteborg

  1. Apologies for writing in English, svar på svenska går bra.
    I came by this evening (Monday 17 Feb.) at 18:20 hoping to sit zazen with you but no one answered the door. Please tell me your schedule so I’ll know when to try again. Tack!

    1. Hi Rick,
      English is fine. Strange, as far as I know there was a sitting. I wasn’t there myself, since I’m working in Stockholm for a couple of weeks, but the others were there. Maybe they were late. Anyhow, try again next week, same time. Thne it’s the last sitting in that address. We’re moving to a better space on Ånäsvägen 21 (Near Redbergsplatsen). First sitting there is Sunday March 2:nd at 6pm. Then I will be there too.

  2. Hello where can I found you I have move from China and I try to found my Place in Gothenburg its very diffucult i am chans buddhist

    1. Hi,
      The address is Ånäsvägen 21, it’s close to Redbergsplatsen. Take tram 6 or seven to the stop called Ejdergatan. Call me if you get lost. my number is 070-412 44 74

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